666: The Mark of the Beast

Revelation 13:11-18

Adrain Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Revelation 13:11-18

Satan’s burning ambition has always been to be like God.

And so, if there is a Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, then there is also an unholy trinity found in Revelation 13.

  • The dragon is anti-God, the Father.
  • The beast is anti-Christ.
  • And the false prophet is the anti-Holy Spirit.

If the Holy Spirit brings people to worship Jesus, then the false prophet is designed to bring people to worship the beast, the antichrist, Satan’s “Superman” in the End Times.

During the Great Tribulation, the false prophet will come as the distributor of propaganda on behalf of the antichrist. He will be a master liar, who perfectly crafts his lies with just enough truth to deceive the mass population. He will be empowered by the devil to perform miracles and lying wonders. He will come to unite the world into a common market, common government, and a common faith.

He will become the controller of commerce through the mark of the beast: 666. In order to buy and sell during this time, you will have to show your branding—further establishing full control over the new order of the world. Seem far-fetched?

We see evidence of this world preparing itself for the Great Tribulation. Issues of common morality (or lack thereof) are advertised as human rights and religious tolerance. Clear-cut lines of right and wrong are muddied by tricky wording and clever framing of phrases and questions every day.

What seemed so unbelievably futuristic at one point is now becoming a reality—our cashless society, microchips, and digitized tracking systems...all evidence that the stage is setting itself just as it was prophesied in Revelation.

Adrian Rogers states, “What we see happening today sounds, in some ways, like a fairy tale, but it is not. What we see happening today, everything is fitting into the sockets of prophecy, and that tells me that Jesus Christ is at the door.”

Apply it to your life

Jesus is coming back soon, so soon. In a world of “speaking your truth,” would you be bold enough to point people to the One Truth, Jesus Christ, who is the only One to can save? Pray for someone who doesn’t know Him, and tell them about Him today.