Looking for God in this Desperate World

Revelation 9:13-21

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Revelation 9:13-21

Do you ever feel like God doesn’t hear your prayers? If He does, why hasn’t He done something already?

Looking around today, it is tempting to ask, “Where is God? Doesn’t He care?” But God does know, God does care, and God does have a plan.

Adrian Rogers tells us, “The Holy Trinity never meets in emergency session. Satan is sinister, but God is sovereign.”

There is a real enemy at work in this world and his name is Satan. And as it seems lately, he is busy. When we see the circumstances in this world, we may get the idea that Satan can do whatever he wants, when he wants. But he cannot.

God is in control. Everything is on schedule. God is strategically moving in the world in His own timing. In Revelation 9, we learn there will come a time during the Great Tribulation when Satan is unleashed, when God has removed His people from the chaos in the world, and lets the demonic spirits have their way with what’s left of it.

It’s coming. But what about today?

Someone once said, “Prayer is the Christian’s secret weapon.” It is our direct line of communication to God. It travels at the speed of light, it always hits its target, and Satan has no defense against it. And in a dark, twisted world such as ours, it is a necessity.

Adrian Rogers reminds us, “Prayer delayed is not prayer denied.”

Apply it to your life

Our prayer lives are something we never seem to be satisfied with, yet as we’ve seen in this message, it is so important! It is our direct communication with God. If you’ve never done so, today is a good day to spend some time in prayer to God. Ask Him to renew your faith and strengthen you to face a desperate world that needs to hear the truth you bear in your heart—the good news of the Gospel.