What does the fifth commandment in the Bible mean?

The term ‘honor’ means “to treat with significance.” To honor your father and mother is to obey them, respect them, care for them, and bear their name with dignity and devotion. Keep in mind that obeying this command is not contingent upon what they do or don’t do. Your parents do not have to be perfect for you to honor them. You are to obey this command to the best of your ability regardless of how your parents act. The only exception to obeying this commandment is if your parents ask you to do something that goes against God’s Word or commands. Each of us is always to obey God first. If that situation is ever the case, it can still be handled respectfully, thereby keeping you in good standing with the Lord. You are to go out into the world and live in a way that honors your parents’ name by being kind, respectful to authority, loving toward others, etc. Take note, too, that this is the only command given with a promise, “that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.” God honors and blesses you as you honor your parents in word, deed, and attitude.