Has the Nuclear Family Bombed?

Exodus 20:12

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Exodus 20:12

God created the nuclear family, but with the world in its current state, we may be tempted to ask ourselves: Has the nuclear family bombed?

God gave us families for living, learning, and lasting; they are a little part of the Garden of Eden that we have carried with us. Adrian Rogers says, “When the home begins to decay, the nation begins to decay.”

Exodus 20:12 says, “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.”

Whether we are worthy or not, children must honor their parents. But are we fathers and mothers worthy of honor? We can never be perfect parents, and we will never have perfect children. But there are five ways to parent our children that are worthy of honor, regardless of our imperfections.

  • First, by loving them: Love is not giving our children what they want, it is giving them what they need. They need this love steadfastly and consistently. Children need hugs, blessings, and comfort. They need a listening ear and their parents’ prayers.
  • Second, by lifting them: Wise encouragement is better than lavish praise. Children need encouragement like a plant needs water. We must let our speech be positive and affirming.
  • Third, by limiting them: It takes firm restrictions to set children free. It is our responsibility to liberate them by limiting them. These limitations, though lovingly placed, will be tested over and over again, but they should never move. Psalm 11:3 says, “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”
  • Fourth, by leading them: To teach without training is to fail in your task. We need to compliment character more than talent and teach by example. There should be more emphasis on moral attributes than sports, grades, or popularity.
  • Finally, by laughing with them: Serious situations call for a lot of laughter. Our homes should be filled with joy and happiness. We should let our children see that God is over every circumstance, and we are free to laugh at ourselves, even in times of trouble.

Apply it to your life

Do you honor your parents? Are you a parent worthy of honor? Evaluate your relationships today, and pray for God’s guidance and grace.