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Why does it matter how the world started?

    Does it really matter whether the Universe was created with a big bang or whether humans are the result of evolution? Yes, it really does. And here's why. If the universe, the Earth, and humans were all created by accident, then nothing r...

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    What did Jesus say about social responsibility?

      Jesus actually had quite a lot to say about social responsibility. First and foremost, Jesus said that the most important thing a person needs is to be saved. People need to have their sins forgiven and put saving faith in Jesus Christ. T...

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      Can Christians believe in evolution?

        As Christians, we believe in special creation, the fact that God created man in His own image, as evident in the Book of Genesis. Evolution is the theory that all living things were created accidentally or as a result of elements and...

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        Why is the world so broken?

          A biblical worldview best explains what’s wrong with the world. But even more importantly, it offers a solution. The world is not always as it was, or as it will be one day. God created the Universe and everything in it. He declared all o...

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