World Issues

Why does it matter how the world started?

If the universe, the Earth, and humans were all created by accident, then nothing really matters, does it? If there's no Creator, there's nothing particularly special or valuable about humans or any other life on Earth.

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What did Jesus say about social responsibility?

Jesus said that the most important thing a person needs is to be saved. Jesus also gave some specific commands to Christians regarding social responsibility. Christians are called to care for the poor and lowly, to take care of the sick, to comfort the dying, to welcome outcasts.

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Can Christians believe in evolution?

As Christians, we believe in special creation, the fact that God created man in His own image, as evident in the Book of Genesis. Evolution is the theory that all living things were created accidentally or as a result of elements and chemicals banging together for millions of years. Evolution is not a fact and has yet to be proven. It is a man-made philosophy.

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