It's All About Jesus Bible Study

It's All About Jesus Bible Study

from the messages of Adrian Rogers




People love to watch an epic story in which the hero swoops in and saves the day from an evil villain. We long for justice to prevail, for wrongs to be made right, and for someone to defend us for the sake of love. Ultimately, we all yearn for the epic and beautiful story God wove together and revealed from Genesis to Revelation—the story of Jesus.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan, the evil villain, destroyed paradise, and every person born since was born into his evil kingdom. But Jesus is the ultimate hero. He defeated death and gave us a way back to God. He rescued us from an impossible situation and changed the eternal destiny of all those who would follow Him. The Bible shows us the true nature of Jesus, and the more you know Him, the more you will fall in love with Him.

When we give our lives to Jesus, the devil has no power. Our Hero has come to our rescue, and He wants to be Lord of your life.

It's All About Jesus Bible Study
  • 9-week study
  • spiral-bound
  • 144 pages
  • 5.5" x 8.5"