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How generous Christians save on taxes

Smart giving options you should know!

Care to know a secret?‍

Generous Christians just like you are giving to Love Worth Finding in smart ways to help share the truth of the Gospel AND reduce their taxes!‍

If you own stock, real estate, business interests or commodities, you can also get in on the tax-saving action!‍

When you give non-cash assets to Love Worth Finding, you will receive a fair-market-value-deduction at the time of your gift. You’ll also avoid tax liability on the sale of appreciated assets. It’s more cost-effective than giving cash to help share the timeless Bible teaching of Pastor Adrian Rogers. ‍

What’s more, many supporters give non-cash assets to establish what’s called a “life income gift.” By doing so, you can eliminate taxes, give assets you no longer need or want to manage (such as real estate or business interests) and receive steady income payments for you and your loved ones. It’s a great way to support Love Worth Finding while caring for your family’s needs. ‍

To learn more about the impact of giving stock, real estate and other assets, request the fact sheet Gifts that Reduce Taxes.‍

If you have specific questions, Love Worth Finding partners with Barnabas Foundation to offer you complimentary, confidential services to help you with gifts of stock, real estate or other assets. To learn more about Barnabas Foundation and to schedule an appointment, contact Bob Dawkins or Sam Cox by phone at 800-274-5683 or send an email to [email protected].