Pastor Sermon Resources

Pastor Adrian Rogers was passionate about sharing biblical truth. He was also passionate about helping other pastors prepare and preach truth. For each of the 10 sermon titles below—selected by Love Worth Finding for their emphasis on truth—you may download a PDF containing the sermon overview, outline, and transcript for your unrestricted use. You may want to listen to the sermon as well.

A Lifestyle for the Last Days

As children of God, we live in hostile territory occupied by the father of lies. All who will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. 1 Peter is a handbook for our survival. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals a lifestyle of truth for the last days as identified in 1 Peter 3.

Christian Citizenship

What does the Bible say about Christian citizenship? In a culture in which truth is eroding, what are our responsibilities, duties, and rights? In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how we are to behave concerning politics, using Paul’s letter in Romans 13.

Four Lies That Ruined The World

Satan cleverly crafts subtle lies about the biggest truths. We see this exemplified in his confrontation with Eve in the Garden of Eden. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the four lies that ruined the world, so that we can know the truth.

The Generation to Come and the America of Tomorrow

America did not just happen; America was a gift from God. However, it seems as though the virtues, values and truth upon which this nation was built have been trampled. In this message, Adrian Rogers uses the clear warning in Psalm 78 to present three ways we can give hope to the generation to come and the America of tomorrow.

The Sad Case of Vanishing Values

Our nation is in a battle for values; the morals and ethics that made this nation great are eroding before us as truth disappears from our culture. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares an eerily similar sad case of vanishing values from Judges 17.

Salty Saints

Are you the salt of the earth in a truth-deprived generation? Leviticus 2:11-13 gives specific cultural instructions on how to present meat offerings to God. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains the deeper spiritual connotation of Leviticus 2, in order to generate salty saints in a sick society.

The Judgment Seat of Christ

We as the Church are the temple of God; we are to be bringing brothers and sisters, as living stones, to build up the temple. How we served Christ on earth will come under review at the final judgment. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the truth regarding how we will be judged and rewarded at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Treasuring Truth

In this day, it is not values that we desperately need, but virtue. We must be able to differentiate truth and fact: we acquire facts, but learn truth. Facts deal with knowledge, and knowledge can double―but truth never changes, and is settled for eternity. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the necessary steps we must take in treasuring truth.

Truth or Consequences

There is an alarming decline in basic honesty in our nation. We know more facts and believe less truth than ever before. In this message, Adrian Rogers discusses our faithful witness, so that we may wisely choose between truth and consequences.

Who is Jesus? The God-Man

Who is Jesus? In this message by Adrian Rogers, we can learn how to identify Jesus as the Truth through the Virgin Birth, His ministry, and His second-coming. Jesus is the supernatural, sinless, sovereign, sacrificial, surviving Savior and Son of God!