We Are More Than Conquerors

God has given us everything we need for the victorious Christian life, but we must wake up, suit up, and pray up!

We must utilize what God has already given us, heed the wake-up call in the Book of Romans, dress in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, learn to pray “effectually,” and work for unity among believers.

Pastor Adrian Rogers said believers are complete in Christ the moment they are saved, having need of nothing in the spiritual realm. But while God has made provision for us to live victoriously now and make an eternal difference, we must fully accept what God has done; we must learn to “possess our possessions.”

As we seek to live victoriously, we take up the clarion call that begins in Romans 13:11, “…It is high time to awake out of sleep.” Likening the call to the midnight ride of Paul Revere, Pastor Rogers noted that the author of Romans says, “The night is far spent the day is at hand, (Romans 13:12).” Just as the midnight rider warned people to wake up, shake off the darkness, and dress to obtain victory, Romans 13:12-13 continues, “Let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light. “

Pastor Rogers intentionally used the word “effectually” for the kind of prayer we need today: effectual describes something that produces the desired result in a big way; effective simply gets the job done.

Effectual prayer begins with what Pastor Rogers calls the “divine triangle,” a recognition of the facts stated in Romans 11:36: “For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen.”

One of the ways God is glorified is through His people when we are unified. Unity in the Church is the desire of the Savior, the delight of the saved, and the dread of Satan, Pastor Rogers said.

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“The Bible says, concerning those of us who are saved, we are overcomers. We don’t need to be overcome; we are victors rather than victims.”

Adrian Rogers

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Are you just surviving life until you get to Heaven, struggling with the same issues over and over, going through the motions without any real victory? That’s not the Christian life God wants you to live!

The Book of Romans can be for you what it was to the Early Church—a solid word in an unsure age. The believers in Rome faced opposition from the government, from their own families, and even within the Church. The Apostle Paul taught them how to walk through uncertain times by laying a solid faith foundation—the core practices of the Christian life. Romans has been called the “Constitution of Christianity.” Let’s learn its key articles, become more than conquerors, and enjoy the victory of claiming Christ as Lord.

“I want to tell you, there’s another war today, an invisible war, and somebody today needs to be a modern Paul Revere and tell us to wake up…the enemy is upon us, and we need to sound the alarm.“

Adrian Rogers

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