Timeless Truth

Media Shifts Open Opportunities for Ministry

From time-to-time Love Worth Finding looks at media trends to determine how best to reach people for Christ. While the timeless truth of the biblical message never changes, our approach to Gospel-sharing must be flexible. We thought we’d share some of the trends we’re looking at with our media partner because these trends may open new opportunities for all of us in the LWF community to share Christ.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, practical knowledge of the digital world has leapfrogged over projected timeframes because of forced lockdowns with greater numbers of people working from home, going to school from home, and making online purchases.

LWF leveraged this trend by upgrading our website for a better user experience.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Become more familiar with our website, lwf.org. Perhaps someone you’ve been trying to reach for the Lord would like to explore the many questions and answers under the headings FIND ANSWERS or FIND GOD’S LOVE. Find resources for yourself to GROW YOUR FAITH, SHARE YOUR FAITH, and JOIN OUR MISSION.


The level of digital noise is ever greater. Controlling it requires discipline, particularly as the noise constantly grows.

LWF is now providing devotionals that better reflect the need to be disciplined. You may have noticed the Daily Heartbeat is now clearly drawn straight from Adrian Rogers’ currently broadcast messages. We also changed the format to include disciplined direction to PRAY OVER THIS (Scripture), PONDER THIS (reflective questions), and PRACTICE THIS (specific action steps).

YOUR OPPORTUNITY: The Lord will speak to us in His still, small voice, if we dare to turn off the noise. Consider the need to recommit this year to putting the phone away, turning off the streaming service, and meeting alone with Jesus daily.


Many people have a mental openness created by too many “impossible” things happening in a short period of time (COVID-19, political and economic changes, civil unrest). This open field is both optimistic and pessimistic.

LWF added staff to respond to a marked increase in requests for prayer, released the NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH film to help people hang onto timeless truth in a changing culture, and launched THE CHURCH EXPERIENCE to help churches (1,500 churches so far) maximize the impact of the film for both evangelism and spiritual growth. We also added Scripture Writing Plans, Email Challenges, and more Bible studies to bring encouragement to people.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Be aware that people in your circle of influence may be seeking answers more than usual during this time of mental openness. Be intentional about looking for opportunities to share the Gospel. Invite people into conversations about finding hope in troubling times. Look also for increased opportunities to disciple believers. You’ll find great resources at lwf.org under the heading BIBLICAL LEARNING.


People long for the outdoors. There is weariness with digital interaction. People want a natural experience—an outdoor escape.

LWF is intentionally including action points in devotionals, challenges, and Bible studies that take people outside. We’re using more natural settings for photos and artwork. And we produced our first Family Worship Kit this year (Ten Commandments for the Home), which includes some activities families can do together outdoors. We’re working on a second kit that will also include outdoor activities.

YOUR OPPORTUNITY: Consider inviting someone in your neighborhood to walk with you regularly; develop a relationship and talk about the Lord. Take children outdoors often. Consider planting a garden. Point out to your children and grandchildren the natural beauty God created for our health and enjoyment.


As a result of the pandemic, people are more willing to express feelings about death. The topic is less likely to be avoided in daily conversation.

LWF has never been shy about discussing ways to make the most of the time we’ve been given to tell others about Jesus and to do good while we are able. We’ve now added a Legacy Partners program specifically for supporters interested in developing ways to reach others for Christ beyond their lifetimes. 

YOUR OPPORTUNITY: When the topic of death comes up, be ready to share the privilege you have as a Christian to grieve…but WITH HOPE! Start each day with a plan to maximize the time you’ve been given. Take this opportunity to thoughtfully consider the legacy you’ll leave to your children and grandchildren and to those who still need to hear about our Savior.