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NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH is a powerful documentary that explores the erosion of truth in our culture, society’s wrestling match with the question Pilate asked Jesus Christ: “What is Truth?,” and the thought-provoking follow-up question: “Does truth even matter?"

Designed to equip and encourage churches to be strong pillars of truth in their communities, The Church Experience delivers the film, group resources, and promotional materials that can provide up to a month of emphasis on biblical truth in your congregation. These resources are provided at no cost to you.

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"Loveless truth is brutal. Truthless love is hypocrisy. Love in truth is necessary."

- Pastor Adrian Rogers

The Church Experience

In 1 Timothy 3:15, the apostle Paul describes the church as “the pillar and support of the truth.”

Designed to equip and encourage churches to be strong pillars of truth in their communities, these complimentary resources from Love Worth Finding accompany the film and provide up to a month of emphasis on biblical truth in your congregation. This experience includes:

  • A special license to show the film NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH to your congregation or small group setting. 

  • A 4-week small group meeting, discussion, and prayer guide, accompanied by four film segments.

  • A 7-day email challenge to help individuals discover ways to live out the truth in daily life.

  • Sermon resources from Adrian Rogers to assist pastors in sermon preparation for a month of emphasis.

  • Promotional material to help communicate the program to your church, if desired.

Resources are available digitally at no cost to churches. 

What is included in the Nothing But The Truth Church Experience


Truth is eroding at break-neck speed in our culture. In our upside-down world, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH stands as a pillar of reason, reminding us of the importance of truth. Join Pastor Adrian Rogers, Lee Strobel, Dr. Al Mohler, Mike Huckabee, Jennifer Rothschild, Ed Newton, Len Munsil, Trillia Newbell, Ken Whitten, Jonathan Falwell, and others in exploring this all-important topic with your church NOW! 

Note: Love Worth Finding has arranged for this special license for presentation in a live church or small group meeting at no cost. You can use this license to show the full film. A love offering of any amount, however, will be greatly appreciated and used by LWF to further the proclamation of God’s truth. Streaming of the film, individual copies of the film, and copying or redistribution of the film are not included in this license. 


Each week consists of excerpts from the film, scriptures to read out loud in the group, penetrating discussion questions (all answered in the Scriptures and excerpts), and a prayer guide to help group members learn, assimilate, and internalize the truth presented.


To assist pastors, this package includes eight specially selected sermons about truth from Adrian Rogers. A one-sheet sermon overview, a complete and detailed sermon outline, a transcript, and a recorded message by Pastor Rogers are available for each sermon. These resources are easily accessed via digital download of PDFs and MP3 recordings.


This series from Love Worth Finding contains practical steps for individuals to start applying God's truth in daily living. When you receive the Church Experience, you will receive instructions on how to share this Email Challenge with your church.


To help promote NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH in your church, logos and announcements are provided. These can be used in print or in person. Sample social media posts are also included.

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*If desired, you will have an opportunity to request these materials on a DVD after registering for The Church Experience.

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1)    LWF has made arrangements with the Film Partners to grant this special, limited license for the use of Nothing But The Truth – The Church Experience at no cost to the Licensee subject to this agreement and terms. 

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Phone - call 800-274-5683. Our Ministry Services team will be honored to help you. 

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What Pastors Are Saying About Nothing But The Truth

Yes, we did receive the Church Experience resources. We actually showed the movie last evening. I believe God used it to speak to many hearts! I'm planning to use the resources on Wednesday nights as part of our Wednesday evening prayer service and Bible study time. LWF Ministries has definitely been a blessing to me, whether through a devotional or a sermon or other content. Thank you so much! Blessings. - Pastor of Arial Baptist Church
Let me say first how thankful I am for LWF Ministries. I listen to sermons almost daily on the LWF app when I am traveling and I really appreciate The Church Experience. Over the last six weeks I have been preaching on the absolute truth and every Sunday morning my message has been a direct result of the LORD using these materials. Thank you so much and I look forward to the days ahead and preaching from the Truth on the Truth! - Pastor of Hope Baptist Church

What Others Are Saying About Nothing But The Truth

"Good advice from many sources"

"Nothing but the truth was excellent! It is a much needed word for today!"

"Excellent! God honoring! Truthful! Blessing"

"Good film that discusses a very needed topic at the right time."

"This film was very bold in proclaiming the truth about who Jesus is without compromising that truth. It is well written and directed. It is engaging and the pacing is just right - not too fast or too slow. It is very thought provoking."