A Passion for Heaven

Listeners Find Encouragement in End Times Messages

What do a teenager in Nigeria, a 27-year-old music teacher in California, and an 85-year-old retiree in Florida have in common? All have been profoundly impacted by Pastor Adrian Rogers’ teaching on the end times.

People all around the globe are regularly encouraged by Pastor Rogers’ messages about the Rapture and the Second Coming broadcast on television, radio, YouTube, and other outlets. Overwhelmingly, the response to learning about the End Times is a recommitment to following Christ wholeheartedly and sharing the Gospel.

Listeners and watchers are being built up in their faith to realize that, as Pastor Rogers said, Christ has already won: “We’re not waiting to see who’s going to win; Satan’s back was broken at Calvary and Jesus is coming to rule and to reign.”

Chideraa wrote to us:

My name is Chideraa, I was born on 15th of September 2007, I’m from Nigeria. I’ve been watching your show on Daystar for quite a while now. The first time I watched your show it really touched me. Previously, I had not been too sure about my faith but when Pastor Rogers was preaching, I really understood what the Second Coming meant and the whole view of the Rapture and the tribulation. To the glory of God, I am saved and I now have a clear understanding of my walk with Jesus. The devil no longer has any right to tell me “I’m not good enough” or “God will not accept me” because now my faith is secure in Christ Jesus and I know that I will forever be with Jesus in Heaven, glorifying Him, serving Him, and loving Him.

Anna, a music teacher and the oldest of 16 siblings, told us:

As a family, we have been going through “The Triumph of the Lamb” Revelation series on YouTube over the last two months and are looking forward to finishing the last six messages by the end of this week. It has been such a blessing, especially as we, literally, see world happenings “falling into the sockets of prophecy.”

Adrian Rogers would certainly agree with Anna’s family’s commitment to study God’s Word together. He said, “The closer we get to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the closer we ought to be to one another, the more we ought to be in the house of God.”

Another family in Florida was brought together in 2021 as they studied Pastor Roger’s book, “Unveiling the End Times in Our Times.” Here’s their story:

Adrian Rogers has been a huge part of our family’s life, and life always seems to come in full circle. When I was 8, after one of Adrian’s sermons, I walked the aisle at First Baptist of Merritt Island and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and was baptized by Pastor Rogers. My dad was a deacon in his church.

Fast forward, when I was in my twenties and Adrian was a guest speaker at Whitesburg Baptist in Huntsville AL, I went up after the service and spoke with him. I told him my name and after 20 years, he said “You’re Lee’s son; he is such a good man” We had a delightful conversation discussing the old days.

Now, to bring the full circle around, after all that is going crazy in the world right now, sometime in December 2020 I googled straight talk understanding of end times and Adrian’s book "Unveiling the End Times” was the first thing that popped up. I ordered right away because one thing I could always count on was the truth correctly divided by Pastor Rogers. What a great book!

I decided to buy my 85-year-old father a copy. I called him and asked if he had ever read it and he said surprisingly no, but if Adrian wrote it, it had to be good. We decided to a zoom book study together. He then told me a story about Adrian and Joyce on a Christian cruise together. My parents and the Rogers decided not to go on the onshore excursion that day and ended up talking about the old days in Merritt Island. Somehow the topic came up that Adrian was writing a book on the end times. It was this book, which was originally released in 2003, and of course, he went to Heaven in 2005.

Finally, in my family, there are four biological siblings alive (we had a sister that died in 1963 of leukemia). We all love each other but mostly all live our own lives. Well, through “coincidence,” we all joined together in our weekly zoom going through this great book. We are enjoying the discussion and the fellowship. At the end of the time together this Tuesday, my dad said with tears in his eyes, “You all don’t know what a blessing this is to your father.”

There you have it. Adrian continues to inspire, encourage and point towards the only One who brings us hope and peace in a hopeless, peaceless world, Jesus Christ. 


Most importantly, Pastor Rogers’ End Times teaching is inspiring people to share the Gospel.

Matthew told us, “I have sent out maybe 2000 Love Worth Finding tracts. I hand them out to people I come in contact with… we will not know how many people got saved with these tracts until we get to Heaven.”

Glenna contributes to Love Worth Finding because she wants to bring more people along with her to Heaven: “I love LWF. I have been a contributing member since the start! My daughter was saved during one of Brother Rogers TV sermons. Hope the messages continue until Jesus comes at the Rapture and I want to keep giving as long as I live. God bless you all at LWF!”

LWF is so grateful for partnerships like Glenna’s. As Adrian Rogers put it before he went to be with the Lord, “All the soul winning you’re ever going to do, you’re going to do in this day and age.”

You can find “The Triumph of the Lamb” audio series, the book, “Unveiling the End Times in Our Time,” and other resources at lwf.org.

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