Triumph of the Lamb Series

Adrian Rogers


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When Jesus Christ returns, He will be coming not as the Lamb led to slaughter, but as the Lion enthroned to judge. Perhaps you are like many who do not understand the prophecies in the book of the Revelation. Then, this first volume in the three-volume series by Adrian Rogers will enlighten you to the plans of God for the future of His people and His creation. If you are saved, this vision of Christ will cause you to feel awesome anticipation. And you will want to fall in reverence before His throne. Are you ready? Behold, He cometh!

Messages included in Volume 1:
2333 - The Future Is Here 
2334 - Making Numbers Count 
2335 - Triumph of the Lamb
2336 - He Holds the Keys 
2338 - The Golden Key to the Book of the Revelation 
0632 - The Windows of Heaven and the Doors of Hell *
0640 - Is it Nice to be Narrow? *
2339 - How to Keep Your Spiritual Fire Burning 
2340 - The Midnight Cry and the Rapture of the Church 
2341 - Worthy Is the Lamb

Messages included in Volume 2:
2342 - The Wrath of the Lamb and the Coming of Tribulation 
2343 - What a Mighty God We Serve 
2344 - When Demons Have Dominion
2345 - Looking for God in This Desperate World 
2347 - Jesus Christ—The One and Only 
2348 - When Prophets Are Persecuted 
2349 - Why I Love Israel 
2350 - Biography of the Beast 
2352 - 666: the Mark of the Beast 
2353 - The Decisions of the Living and the Destiny of the Dead

Messages included in Volume 3:
2355 - How to Gain and Celebrate Victory 
2357 - Beauty and the Beast 
2359 - Goodbye to Babylon 
2360 - The Marriage of the Lamb 
2361 - The Coming of the King 
2363 - The Signposts on the Road to Armageddon 
2369 - The Golden Age
2367 - The Final Judgment of the Unsaved Dead 
2371 - A Guided Tour Through Heaven 
2373 - The Lamb Has Overcome

*NOTE: 0632 and 0640 are not included in the DVD series.

As we update designs, the series you receive may have a different cover, but the content is the same. Thank you for understanding.