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The Grace Of Giving

(Program: 2109, Air date: 08.24.2014)

Christ-Like Love

(Program: 2224, Air dates: 08.10.2014 & 08.17.2014)

Strength In Times Of Crisis

(Program: 3114, Air date: 08.03.2014)

When We All Get To Heaven

(Program: 2113, Air dates: 7.20.2014 & 7.27.2014)

Your Friendly Enemy

(Program: 2814, Air date: 7.13.2014)

Will God Impeach America?

(Program: 2714, Air date: 7.6.2014)

God's Word is a treasure -- enjoy a daily nugget each day from the messages of Adrian Rogers.

The Book of Ages

The Bible is not the book of the month. It is the book of the ages.

From Faith To Faith

How is the righteousness of God revealed? From faith to faith. God gives you truth; you believe that truth; God gives you more truth.

A Built-In Knowledge Of God

Did you know there is a built-in knowledge of God? St. Augustine said, "The soul of man is restless until it rests in God."

Jesus, The Only Way

Can those who have never heard of Jesus go to heaven some other way? See how God answers that question.

The Witness of God

You can't believe? You may refuse to, but if you seek Truth, the Holy Spirit will confirm that Jesus is Christ, Son of the living God.

The Purpose of the World

The world is unalterably opposed and continually hostile to the things of God.

Articles are usually published twice a month.

Armed and Ready!

All-out war has been declared on the family, the home, the nation, and your heart. There's a cosmic battle taking place.

The Battle Is On!

All-out war has been declared on the family, the home, the nation, and your heart. There's a cosmic battle taking place.

Marks Of Maturity

May I ask you a question? Are you a growing Christian? Are you moving toward maturity?

The Lure Of False Teachers

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you... (2 Peter 2:1)

A Portrait Of Christ

Matthew 5:17-18

Believe In Miracles But Trust In Jesus


Looking for more? Use these Bible Studies for your own personal devotion time or share with a group of friends.

How To Pray For Friends & Influence People

James 5:16-18

The Judgement Seat Of Christ

1 Corinthians 3:9-17

The Prayer That Brings Revival

Isaiah 64:1-12

It's All About Jesus

The Psalm of the Crucifixtion

I'm Broken -- God Can't Use Me

What God Does With Broken Things

How's That Working Out For You?

Genesis 4:1-8

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