What We're Hearing From Pastors

Pastor Adrian Rogers had a true heart for encouraging pastors. We are blessed to continue that mission today. Below is a portion of what we hear from pastors about Love Worth Finding. God is moving! 

"I am a pastor/evangelist today primarily because of the influence of Adrian Rogers in my life! I praise God for LWF. LWF is one of the last voices of true Christianity, especially in relation to the preaching of the Gospel and the Rapture."


"I greatly appreciate the ministry of Dr. Rogers and all of you at LWF. Much of what I know today as a pastor is because of the ministry of LWF."


"I am an associate pastor in a small church in Kentucky. There are times when a pastor needs a pastor. Pastor Rogers is my pastor. LWF has given me comfort in times of need and I thank God for this Ministry."


"My wife & I have been watching your TV program every Sunday now for about a year and a half. I'm a Bible teacher, worship leader, and have been a pastor. We both love Pastor Adrian's teaching because it the truth. It is both simple and yet deep at the same time."


"I purchased a copy of Dr. Rogers' Legacy Bible and I LOVE IT! His sermons have touched my life in ways unexplainable! I just can't imagine being a pastor without this Bible!

"I am a pastor based in the Solomon Islands. I have listened to Dr. Adrian Rogers' ministry on Trans-World Radio broadcasting through Guam and have been inspired by his messages."


"...Through example and periodic exposure, Dr. Rogers had been my spiritual father in the ministry "long distance." I was amazed as I heard him preach expositionally through Scripture and I determined in my heart right then I was going to learn to preach like that.


"We thank the Lord for you. I've been able to share with a team of 12 men the Bible studies in Spanish from Brother Rogers. May the Lord continue using you for His honor and glory. I'm a pastor of a Baptist Church in Puebla, Mexico."