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What Every Christian Ought to Know

Individual Study

What Every Christian Ought to Know is the foundational discipleship resource from Pastor Adrian Rogers. It gives every believer, and especially new believers, a firm grasp on the basic truths of our faith, straight from the Bible.

Individual Lessons

Lesson 1: How to Know the Bible Is the Word of God

Why You Can Believe Every Word of It
“The historical, scientific, and prophetic accuracy of Scripture, along with its life-changing qualities, offers evidence that the Bible is the revealed ‘Word of God.’”

Lesson 2: How to Be Saved and Know It

The Believer's Blessed Assurance
“You really can know that you are eternally saved and on your way to heaven.”

Lesson 3: How to Be Sure You Are Eternally Secure

Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?
“Not only can you know that you are saved, you also can be certain that you will never lose your salvation.”

Lesson 4: What Happens When a Christian Sins

Forgiveness, Cleansing, and Restoration
“Everybody sins. But the Christian has a unique place to turn that will take him past the sin and on to forgiveness.”

Lesson 5: What the Bible Teaches About Baptism

Obedience that Brings a Blessing
“Baptism is the first step every believer should take in his or her walk with Christ.”

Lesson 6: How to Handle Temptation

Learning to Be an Overcomer
"Every Christian experiences temptation, but the mature believer learns to overcome temptation and experiences victory."

Lesson 7: How to Be Filled With the Spirit

The Power of the Spirit-Controlled Life
“Every believer needs to learn how to be Spirit-filled, so that they can experience the full measure of the Christian life.”

Lesson 8: How to Know the Will of God

Discovering God's Perfect Plan for Your Life
“God has a will for your life, and He wants you to know it.”

How to Use this Study

The downloadable PDF workbook sections, along with your Bible, will be your companion as you study What Every Christian Ought to Know. We encourage you to print out this material so you can write down any observations and insights the Holy Spirit impresses upon your heart.

During the Lesson: Follow along with Pastor Rogers using your download. As God reveals His desires to you, write anywhere and everywhere! The notes you take will be meaningful as you read and re-read them later.

During the Week: Following each weekly lesson in the PDF, there are five daily devotional studies. Allow these daily lessons to reinforce the truths from the weekly video.  Ask God to speak to you personally concerning these truths from His Word.

What's next?

What Every Christian Ought to Know will not answer every question you have. Instead, it will open up the doorway into a limitless, lifelong body of truth. Let this material, and God's revelation to you straight from His Word, become the foundation for your Christian life. You can build on this foundation as you grow stronger in your faith.

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