For hundreds, if not thousands of years, most people had very limited access to the Bible. Scrolls and texts were only available to priests and scholars. For most people, studying God’s Word simply meant attending their local church and hearing the Bible read aloud.

Technology has absolutely revolutionized our ability to study the Bible. Not only do we have almost unlimited access to God’s Word in print form, but we also have dozens if not hundreds of Bible study apps that make it incredibly easy to take in the Bible.

However, the abundance of Bible study apps also creates a unique challenge:

How can you know which ones are the best?

To help you know which Bible study apps will serve you best, we’ve compiled a list of the ones that we think are particularly helpful. Here are seven apps that will help you dive deeper into the Bible.

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Love Worth Finding

The Love Worth Finding app is a rich resource for Bible study. It gives you free, unlimited access to more than 30 years of Pastor Adrian Rogers' practical and biblical teaching.

The app includes:

  • Access to Daily Devotionals 365 days a year
  • Exclusive Content such as Out of the Vault and Classic Worship
  • Evangelism Tools
  • Podcasts from our Ministry Affiliates
  • Special Content Only Available on the App
  • Stream TV and Radio Messages Anytime
  • Secure Online Giving is also available

Messages can easily be downloaded so that you can listen to them offline, and you can also share your favorite content via Facebook, Twitter, or email. One reviewer had this to say about the app:

This makes it so much easier for me to listen to (Pastor) Rogers at any time of the day. I always seem to miss the radio broadcasts when they are being aired but this way, I can still hear him while I’m on the go. Excellent addition to the ministry!

If you’re looking for a simple way to meditate on the profound truths of the Bible, the Love Worth Finding Bible study app is a must-have.

How do you get the LWF app?

We're so glad you asked. You can download the app from your favorite app store by clicking one of these buttons or by searching for "Love Worth Finding" in the app store on your mobile device, tablet, or TV.

LWF on the App Store for iOS and Apple TV

Bible By Life.Church

The Bible App by Life.Church is one of the most popular Bible apps in the world, installed on over 400 million devices. Offering 2,027 versions of the Bible in 1,355 languages, it makes it incredibly easy to read and study God’s Word on your smartphone or tablet.

The app allows you to:

  • Read God’s Word
  • Listen to the Bible
  • Subscribe to hundreds of Bible reading plans
  • See what your friends are reading
  • Have Biblical conversations with your friends in the app
  • Watch the TV miniseries The Bible, as well as the movies JESUS film and The Lumo Project
  • Create shareable artwork from meaningful Bible verses
  • And much more

One reviewer said:

Great Bible app! It has the ability to read the scriptures to you while you read along which I absolutely LOVE! It has the ability to highlight and compare verses to other translations to try and understand the scriptures more fully. Also I love the function of creating verse images. And I love that they have updated it so I can format it to fit my wallpaper on my phone... so it can help me memorize scriptures better by saving at as my phone’s wallpaper.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one Bible study app, it’s hard to beat this one.

How do you get this Bible study app?

Bible by Life.Church App
Bible by Life.Church

Blue Letter Bible

The Blue Letter Bible app gives you access to a powerful set of Bible study tools. If you’re looking to dig deep into God’s Word and understand the key details behind each book and verse, this is a particularly useful app.

With the app, you can:

  • Study the original Hebrew and Greek
  • Utilize Bible dictionaries and concordances
  • Read different versions of the Bible in parallel
  • Listen to the both the Bible and Bible commentaries
  • Share your favorite verses on social media and by email
  • And much more

One reviewer said:

Tremendous Bible resource in every way. Just start exploring and be sure to click on a verse and click the one in the middle of menu and you will be able to view the Greek and Hebrew and explanation of all words. I continue to learn about the root meanings through this tremendous resource.

When it comes to in-depth Bible study, the Blue Letter Bible is an outstanding resource.

How do you get this Bible study app?

Blue Letter Bible App
Blue Letter Bible App


The Dwell app is a beautifully designed app that focuses on giving you a superior Bible listening experience. The creators of the app had music written specifically designed to create a peaceful backdrop and enhance your listening.

The app includes:

  • Six different reading voices
  • 44 listening plans that take you through different themes and books of the Bible
  • Playlists that guide you through themes in Scripture
  • Curated passages of Scripture if you’re unsure where to start

One reviewer said:

This is a truly amazing app! I have always struggled with getting into the Word daily and this app transformed my life! Through this app I have been given a love for the Word of God! I also just listened to Jesus’s parables playlist and it was lovely to hear and meditate and Jesus’s words.

If you prefer to listen to the Bible, the Dwell app provides a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else.

How do you get this Bible study app?

Dwell App
Dwell App

The Bible Memory App

Few things are more important than memorizing Scripture, and the Bible Memory App makes it easier to do just that. Offering a variety of tools to help you commit God’s Word to memory, this Bible study app is particularly useful.

The app includes:

  • Three different Bible memorization methods - typing the verses, pictures, and flashcards, and listening to verses on repeat
  • 57 different collections of Bible verses to guide your memorization
  • Bible memory groups that allow you to memorize the Bible with others
  • Statistics that show you how you’re progressing
  • And much more

One reviewer said:

I have tried several different apps for scripture memory and this is by far the best. I have memorized over 500 verses in less than 2 years. I almost never miss a day. I LOVE the review schedule. Every morning I wake up and my verses for the day are waiting. As I master them and recall them accurately, they are scheduled for review less and less frequently. That way I can concentrate on the ones I am learning.

If you want to grow in memorizing Scripture, this app can be a tremendous resource.

How do you get this Bible study app?

Bible Memory App
Bible Memory App

The Olive Tree Bible App

The Olive Tree Bible App is a very powerful Bible study app that allows you to take a deep dive into God’s Word. Offering hundreds of supplementary Bible study resources, this app is a fantastic resource for the serious student of God’s Word.

The app includes:

  • Numerous translations of the Bible
  • Audio versions of God’s Word
  • Daily reading plans
  • Greek and Hebrew study tools
  • Study Bibles
  • Commentaries
  • Bible maps
  • And much more

One reviewer said:

I use this Bible application every day along with one of the commentaries to gain additional historical insight into the scripture. I find this to be exceedingly helpful in that I do not always understand the background of many passages of Scripture, particularly the Old Testament.

If you want to gain a richer, more thorough understanding of the Bible, this app can be particularly useful.

How do you get this Bible study app?

The Olive Tree Bible App
Olive Tree Bible App


The Logos app has long been known as one of the best Bible study apps out there. Used heavily by pastors, it integrates seamlessly with their software, giving you access to all the Bible study resources you’ve accumulated.

The app includes:

  • Multiple Bible translations
  • Access to your entire library, including 95 free resources
  • The ability to make extensive notes on any section of Scripture
  • Easy, one-tap access to Bible word study resources
  • Side-by-side comparisons of multiple translations
  • Bible reading plans
  • Detailed information about specific verses from commentaries, cross-references, etc.
  • And much more

One reviewer said:

Logos Bible software is indicative of the name "Word" Bible software. It brings in-depth accessibility, language (Hebrew, Greek) and understanding to us who are serious about studying to show ourselves approved of the word. Not knowing the original language, culture, and setting, can often bring misleading and incorrect teachings, now that's a thing of the past.

If you want to significantly broaden your understanding of the Bible, the Logos app can be an invaluable tool.

How do you get this Bible study app?

Logos Bible Study Tool
Logos Bible Study App

Growing With Scripture

Pastor Adrian Rogers had this to say about reading the Bible throughout his life,

“I believed it when I began, but friend I'm not finding hidden flaws, I'm finding hidden beauties.”

The Bible is a book that can never be exhausted. Why? Because when we study the Bible, we encounter God Himself. As Hebrews 4:12 puts it:

For the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

It is through the study of the Bible that we come to know God. The more we dig into God’s Word, the more we understand who God is and what He’s like.

Don’t wait to immerse yourself in the Bible. Download some of the Bible study apps listed above and begin exploring the beauties of Scripture.

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