Where is God When I’m Suffering?

God Rules Over Life's Storms

Have you ever been blown off your feet by a physical or metaphorical storm in your life? Are you in that position now and wondering whether you can regain the strength to stand? Are you tired of trying to get up, time and time again, only to be knocked back down? We’ve all been there—and if we haven’t, we will be!

There’s good news for those who are besieged. Jesus Christ can give us the strength not only to stand but also to...

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For each of the video messages related to this truth, we have combined the sermon overview, outline, and transcript into one PDF document. This document can be used for research and learning as you teach others about God. Simply click on a title to download the preaching and teaching resource.

Featured Bible Study

This seven-week study looks at the ways God instructs us through His Word to navigate the storms of life. We will learn from Paul, the disciples, and Noah as they faced physical storms. We will look at Job and how he reacted to the multiple metaphorical storms he faced along with the physical storms that battered him. We will also consider what God wants us to do with our burdens and how to fight the spiritual battles we face in the midst of life’s storms.