The Problem of Pain

Romans 8:18-39

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Romans 8:18-39

Very few things are more discouraging than pain. Whether it be physical or emotional, the problem is real and the pain is real. The rebellious spirit that stirs when you suffer, the doubt that rises…it is so, so real.

In the midst of the darkest, foggiest nights, we can almost taste the question on our tongues. We want to ask it. We want to scream it: Where is God in all of this? Why does God let this happen?

But God did not create this world to be this way. When He created it, He called it good. The birth of suffering is on man. In the Garden of Eden, the first man, Adam, was created perfect and perfectly free. Adam was free to make his own choice. Even the wrong one.

And what came next changed everything.

All of creation that including every living, breathing organism roaming the earth was gripped by the curse of sin. We were abducted from unity with the Creator and robbed of His perfect design for us. Our bodies are now subject to writhe in an agony we were never supposed to know. Our hearts are now subject to breaking in a way it was never supposed to know.

And as we groan in pain, the Creator groans, too.

There is good news! A second Adam came: Jesus came to this earth to undo what the first Adam did. With His great sacrificial love and obedience to the Father, Jesus defeated evil on the cross. And when we follow Him, we will never be separated from Him again.

Adrian Rogers said, “He’s going to turn every tear to a pearl, every hurt to a hallelujah, every defeat into a victory, and every Calvary into an Easter.”

We have good news. The suffering that we know is temporary. All of the suffering we will ever know is on this side of the grave. What waits beyond is far greater than anything we have to bid goodbye to.

Apply it to your life

Are you hurting? There is a physician who can help, and His name is Jesus. Today is the day to call out to Him, the Second Adam, who made a way to bring you home to Him. Jesus can defeat the curse that entangles you and heal the pain that overwhelms you. Do you know someone who is hurting? Pray on their behalf. Pray for healing, strength, guidance, and wisdom.