His Unquestioned Lordship

Luke 2

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Reference: Luke 2:10-11

Luke 2:11 says, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Who is this child? He is “Christ the Lord.”

Jesus Christ is called “Lord” 747 times in the New Testament alone! The question is not if He is Lord…it is if you will submit to His unquestioned lordship.

The confession of His lordship secures our salvation.

Salvation is our greatest need, and God sent Jesus Christ to give it to us. But we cannot receive the salvation that Jesus gives while refusing who He is. We must put away our pride and bow our hearts before Jesus.

The confession of His lordship simplifies our service.

When we make Jesus the Lord of our lives, it is the last independent decision we will ever make. From then on, He is the only one our hearts should ever serve.

Adrian Rogers says, “My life is to please Jesus. If I please Jesus, it doesn’t matter whom I displease. If I displease Jesus, it really doesn’t matter who I please. And the way to please Jesus is to obey the Lord Jesus Christ.” Whatever He tells you to do, do it.

And the confession of His lordship subdues Satan.

When we know who Jesus is and submit to Him, we have nothing to be afraid of. No attack from the devil is a match for Jesus’s power. And when you submit to Jesus, that same power lives in us.

Adrian Rogers also says, “When you bring your life in alliance with His divine will, and (say) ‘I will follow Him, any time, any place, anywhere, any cost,’ then friend, you’re going to find out that Satan will cower before you—he trembles!”

The devil knows the authority we have over Him when we are under the lordship of Jesus, and he hopes we never find that out. But we can, by submitting to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Apply it to your life

Is Jesus your Lord? You will confess Him as Lord one day very soon. Everyone will…even the devil himself will bow at the feet of Jesus. But is He the Lord of your life today? Submit to His lordship. And whatever He tells you to do, do it.