Dads Who Shoot Straight

Psalm 127

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Psalm 127

It's tough being a dad. Let’s be honest, when it comes to fatherhood, it’s hard to always maintain focus, strength, and yes, sometimes even your sanity. That said, what’s at stake for fathers today can’t be overstated or overlooked and it goes beyond having the right answers or being able to fix things.

The Bible tells us is Psalm 127, verses 3 and 4, “Children are a heritage of the Lord” and they are “arrows in the hand of a mighty man.” Think about those words. The author is referring to our children as an arrow - a weapon. This is why fatherhood must not be overstated, overlooked, or taken lightly.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, Pastor Rogers looks at Psalm 127:4, a verse from the Bible that teaches us that an arrow (child) is no more effective than the warrior (father) who shoots (raises) it. Dad’s that shoot straight are more equipped to teach their kids to “hit the mark” and how to live their lives accordingly. The measure of a man is not his money or his success, but if his children love Jesus, love people, and live out the Gospel.

Apply it to your life

It’s worth saying again, “It’s tough being a dad.”

But, let me ask you this: Considering what’s at stake, can you afford NOT to take seriously the Biblical role of fatherhood and the responsibility that God has placed upon you?

Because God has great plans for your child, you can be confident that God will guide you as a father and provide you with the strength and wisdom to “shape and sharpen your children.”

Just as arrows can serve no purpose if kept safe in the quiver, God wants you to raise your children, so eventually, you’ll be able to release them into the world, armed with the love of Jesus, and ready to make an impact.

So, let’s get to work rethinking your goals and desires for your children. Write them down. Ask God to give you a fresh start. Be a hands-on dad. Show your kids how much you love Jesus and how much you love them.

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