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Christ-like Love

December 2, 2018

Our greatest need is to be loved and give love to others. Our world is starving for genuine love. Jesus commanded, “Love one another, as I have loved you.” But you cannot love this way by sheer will and determination. You must allow the love of God to come into you so you can give it to others.


John 13 (Program: 2224, Air dates: 08.10.2014 & 08.17.2014)

  1. INTRODUCTION (John 13:1-6)
    1. This passage is the last commandment Jesus gave before the crucifixion.
    2. The example Jesus gave was washing His disciples’ feet.
    3. In Bible times, the roads were not paved; instead, they were dusty and dirty.
    4. The people in Bible times did not have lace-up shoes like we wear, but they only wore sandals. Their feet would get very dirty.
    5. In a wealthy person’s home, there would be a basin filled with water, and a servant would come and wash the feet of the guests.
    6. The house that Jesus and the disciples were in did not have a servant to wash their feet.
    7. So Jesus humbled Himself and washed the disciples’ feet.
      1. John 13:14
      2. John 13:34
    1. Jesus laid aside His garments.
    2. This literally happened, but it is also a symbolic representation of when Jesus stepped out of Heaven’s glory and came to the Earth.
      1. Philippians 2:5-10
    3. A lot of times we hear testimonies where God brought someone from nothing to something, but Jesus came from something to nothing.
    4. Many of us fight for our reputation, but Jesus laid aside His reputation.
    5. Just before Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, they were having a big dispute about who was the greatest.
      1. Luke 22:24-27
    6. Jesus never said, “Don’t be great.” Jesus is saying, “Make sure it’s real greatness that you get.”
    7. Humility is not thinking lowly of ourselves; it’s knowing who we really are.
      1. John 13:3
      2. Romans 12:3
    8. This is the progression of selfless love:
      1. Grace God accepts us.
        1. Romans 5:8
        2. Ephesians 1:6
      2. Faith Our acceptance of God’s acceptance of us.
      3. Peace We accept ourselves.
      4. Love We are free to accept others.
      5. Fellowship Others are now free to accept us.
    1. Jesus never stopped loving His disciples.
    2. If our love cannot stand the test of excruciating times, then it is not really love.
      1. Romans 8:38-39
    1. Real love knows no job that is too lowly.
    2. Jesus washed Judas’ feet.
      1. Matthew 5:44
    3. Love is not giving people what they deserve but what they need.
    4. The disciples did not deserve to have their feet washed by Jesus, but they needed it.
      1. 1 John 3:18
    1. Jesus is no longer washing the physical dirt off the disciples’ feet, but He is now washing the inward dirt from their hearts.
    2. When we are saved, our spiritual bodies are washed clean; but we still need to have our feet washed by Jesus so that we can remain in fellowship with Him.
      1. Hebrews 10:14
      2. John 13:14
    3. Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him because Peter denied Jesus three times.
      1. John 21:15-19
      2. Jesus was cleansing Peter.
    4. We should wash each other’s feet.
      1. Matthew 25:40
      2. Ephesians 4:32
      3. 1 John 1:9


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