Why I Love Israel

Revelation 12

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Revelation 12

A Bible-believing Christian cannot deny or ignore the significance of the nation Israel. Throughout the Word of God – as well as is evident in the news headlines – we see Israel at the center of the drama and controversy. Why? Because Israel is especially favored by God.

Adrian Rogers says, “Israel is a God-ordained, God-called, God-protected, and God-blessed nation.” God loves Israel. Yet, Israel has a lot of enemies – many who would curse her name.

One enemy, in particular, is one we know all too well—the Devil himself.

We as believers are to become Israel’s allies. We are to love her fiercely and pray for her constantly.

We cannot stop the plans of God, or halt the favor He has specifically and lavishly given to His people. We cannot un-bless what He has blessed. When you bless what God has blessed, when you love what God has loved, then God is going to bless you.

But we can also learn something from Israel. Because in her great favor, she also has the full attention of the enemy. And during the Great Tribulation, we see through vivid imagery prophesied in Revelation that the war on Israel will rear its head once she realizes the antichrist that vowed to save her, betrayed her. Israel will rebel, and Satan will unleash his wrath upon her.

Yet, the Lord will fight for her.

Because of the Blood of Jesus, we as Believers are like the nation of Israel. We are children of the King of Kings, favored in His eyes and we must NEVER forget that. Because like Israel, we are also specifically targeted by the Devil. He doesn’t want us to understand who we are, or who we belong to. Through the testimony of Israel and the testimonies of all Believers, the Devil is reminded that Jesus is Lord, even unto the End Times.

Apply it to your life

Adrian Rogers says, “Learn your testimony! Learn who you are! And speak the Word of God.”

Today, take a second to write down your testimony. Remind yourself where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Keep your testimony somewhere you can see it to remind you to share it with others.