The Sad Case of Vanishing Values

Judges 17:1-6

Adrian Rogers

Note: Although this message originally was preached prior to 2000, the relevance remains strong even today.

In modern culture we think we've been "liberated" from Bible truth and morality. From the scriptures in Judges 17, Pastor Adrian Rogers sheds light the raging battle for values. We have in America today, in this generation, an erosion of the values that made this nation a great nation. So what happens when values vanish?

Adrian Rogers tell us, “We certainly seem to have lost the balance between societal rights and individual freedoms. And instead of a culture of common good, we have culture of constant complaint. Everyone is a victim.”

In this message, we are introduced to:

  • the RESULTS of Vanishing Values,
  • the REASONS for Vanishing Values, and
  • a RESPONSE to Vanishing Values.

He further explains that the Results of Vanishing Values are:

  • Families without Foundation,
  • Pastors without Principles, and
  • Government without God when no values exist

So, how does this happen? The Reasons that values erode, along with help on how we can Respond to vanishing values in our culture, are clearly outlined in these passages of Scripture.