The Key to a Magnificent Marriage

Exodus 20:14

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Exodus 20:14

The key to a magnificent marriage is found in Exodus 20:14, which reveals: “You shall not commit adultery.”

As Christians, we have a responsibility to uphold this commandment, whether or not we’re married. The modern world tells us that the Ten Commandments, especially this one, are out of date and old fashioned. Generations come and go, but the Ten Commandments remain. They don’t need to be amended or revised, and we are broken upon them if we try to break them. But if we obey them, they liberate us. We have to teach the next generation of God’s plan for a magnificent marriage.

God’s original plan for marriage in Genesis 2 emphasizes a supreme commitment between a husband and wife.

It is of the highest priority of any human relationship. The Bible also teaches about the permanence and purpose of marriage. Mark 10:9 says, "Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate." Adrian Rogers says, “Marriage is a romance; in the first chapter, both the hero and the heroine die and become one new person.”

Second, we need to warn our young people that adultery is a sin.

It is a sin against one’s own self, against the home. No other sin does more personal damage––spiritually, mentally, or physically–– than immorality. Adultery is a sin against the Church; when a member of a church lives in sexual immorality, he sins against the holy Body of Christ. No matter how society tries to glamorize it, adultery has destroyed great nations in the past: Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Babylon, to name a few. It may be the sin that destroys our nation, as well, because it is a sin against Almighty God.

As the next generation grows and prepares for marriage, we need to model magnificent marriages through our own.

Apply it to your life

If you are struggling in your marriage, consider these steps:

  1. Make the decision; bring your failures and sins before Jesus Christ.
  2. Depend on Christ; let His life in you energize you and give you power.
  3. Exercise your devotion to Christ and to your family.
  4. Let your love develop, cultivate, and grow over time.
  5. Guard your heart; be disciplined, and have control over who or what you let into your life.
  6. Remain determined; make up your mind that you will not fall into temptation before it comes.