The Coming Kingdom of Christ

Genesis 10-11

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Genesis 10-11

There is coming a kingdom of Christ, as well as a kingdom of Satan. These two kingdoms have been at war since the Book of Genesis, and we are in the middle of it. If we want to recognize Satan’s kingdom to come and know how it will ultimately face its gruesome demise, we must look at one which was already strategically defeated.

In Genesis 10-11, we are introduced to a Babylonian man named Nimrod. He wanted to be king and to be worshiped like God. A few chapters prior, God gave the commandment to His people to be scattered and replenish the earth after the Great Flood. Rather than obey God, the Babylonians centralized their government under Nimrod’s authority and began building a tower to reach the heavens, all to make a name for themselves and to be equal with God. They directly disobeyed God and followed Nimrod in rebellion.

How did this tower of blunders end in Genesis? The Babylonians spoke one language at this time. But God confounded their speech, and they suddenly couldn’t understand each other. The construction of the Tower of Babel ended with Almighty God coming down to earth and sending confusion into the camps of His enemies.

We are not too far off from the blunder of Babylon.

Have we not substituted our own wit for God’s wisdom? Through new minds, machinery, and money, are we not trying to make a name for ourselves? Do New Age religions not bank their ideology on finding the power within ourselves, generating independence from Almighty God?

Dr. Adrian Rogers says: “What is the difference between manmade religion and the true salvation that comes from God? Man tries to build from earth to Heaven. True salvation reaches down from Heaven to man.”

The only hope for this world is the coming of Jesus Christ. And when He comes, He will destroy the kingdom of Satan, and any other kingdom that dares to make an enemy of God.

These are the days to get right with God. Let us not wait another second.

Apply it to your life

If you’re practicing any kind of new-age religion or dabbling with astrology or witchcraft, get out of it. Repent. The time is coming soon when our Lord is going to step down from glory to judge Babylon. Let us rejoice and give honor to Him today.