Soon Coming of Our Lord

Revelation 1:3

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Revelation 1:3

Eternity is only a heartbeat away; at any moment Jesus may return, as Revelation 1:3 warns, “...the time is near.”

When Jesus came to this earth the first time, He came with His glory veiled; when He returns, His glory will be unveiled, and we will truly see Him. The Book of Revelation gives insight regarding the soon coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

He is the resurrected Christ with undiminished humanity.

Jesus is fully God and fully man; He has not laid His humanity aside.

He is the reigning Christ with unrivaled majesty.

In Revelation 1, Jesus appeared to the Apostle John wearing the robes of royalty.
Adrian Rogers says, “When He came the first time, He came to redeem; when He comes again, He will come to reign.”

He is the righteous Christ with undiminished purity.

Revelation 1:14 describes His purity and holiness: “His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow…”

He is the revealing Christ with unhindered scrutiny.

Jesus sees us and sees through us; He cannot be deceived, for: “His eyes like a flame of fire…” (v. 14)

He is the relentless Christ with untarnished integrity.

“His feet were like fine brass, as if refined in a furnace…” (v. 15) Brass is an emblem of judgment, and the feet speak of His going forth; when Jesus returns, He is not coming to redeem, but to judge.

He is the regal Christ with unchallenged authority.

Revelation 1:15 continues to speak of the power of His voice: “...and His voice as the sound of many waters…”

He is the regulating Christ with unequaled mastery.

Jesus continues to be the One who holds everything in His right hand.

He is the revenging Christ with unspoiled victory.

At Armageddon, Jesus’ words will be like a two-edged sword.
Adrian Rogers says, “The Lord Jesus who spoke them into existence will speak them into oblivion.”

He is the resplendent Christ with undimmed glory.

The radiance of our Lord will light all of Heaven for all eternity.

He is the reassuring Christ with undeniable deity.

Jesus, who became the death of Death, is the One we worship. The Jesus we see in Revelation requires our full submission, our reverence and our great assurance.

Apply it to your life

As you study Revelation 1 today, give Jesus your full submission and reverence, and receive His great assurance.