Jesus Christ: The One and Only

Revelation 10

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Revelation 10

Since the beginning, and even until the End Times, all the world will have to answer: “Who is Jesus Christ?”

We believe He’s more than a man. He’s more than a prophet. He’s more than a philosopher or a teacher or an example. Who is Jesus Christ? He is the Mighty God.

We find Him in Revelation 10. We look up, and see Jesus Christ descending on the clouds, back to the earth in which the demons of hell have dominion but not for long.

Jesus comes in glory with grace and radiant power. He stands, holy, in the very center of it all. He holds the “little book,” the Word of God, containing the seven seals we have watched open in the first 9 chapters of Revelation, and we find He is the one to break them.

Jesus Christ is coming to judge the earth and to take His purchased possession that was His all along. It is His by creation, it is His by the cross on Calvary, and it is His by conquest. It all belongs to Him. The rightful heir has come to take it back.

With Him will come an end to time and the mystery of God will be finished and delay will be no more. Sin has been on a rampage and righteousness seems to have suffered. But it’s now coming to a conclusion.

Every knee will bow to Him and every tongue will confess to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus Christ, the One and Only.

Apply it to your life

Our hope today is the Word of God. We see in Revelation 10, it was in Jesus’s hands. It is the only thing that matters in our mission in life. We must harness how to appropriate it properly. In this passage alone, we’ve seen His majesty, His mastery, and His mystery. Now we need to understand and carry with us His ministry. We as Christians have a job to do.

Will you pray that God will give you a burden for those who don’t know Him personally? Pray that you might absorb the Word of God with your whole heart and scatter it wherever you go. Jesus Christ, the One and Only. He is the only hope of this world.