Is Your Pocketbook Converted?

James 5:1-8

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: James 5:1-8

A man's faith, character, and religion can be measured by his attitude toward money.

The warning found in James 5 is not against money. Rather, it is a warning about a wrong attitude toward money and the misuse of money after a person has secured it by whatever means necessary.

Money is to work for us, we are not to worship it. There are three things to keep in mind when we consider the question: Is Your Pocketbook Converted?

First: Wealth that is stagnant is worthless.

God does not want treasure heaped up. God wants treasure spread out, in circulation. God gives us riches, not to keep them, but to share them. Money that is not used, corrupts.

Second: Wealth that is earned sinfully is wicked.

People who use their wealth and position to oppress the poor will answer for what they have done, for God is always on the side of the oppressed.

Third: Wealth that is selfish is gluttonous.

The Bible is not against us having legitimate pleasures, recreation, rest. The Bible is not against us having a warm meal and beautiful clothes. But the Bible is against living in excess, in self-gratification. The Bible likens these people to hogs being fattened for the slaughter.

In the light of this warning, shouldn't we be wise with our wealth? Shouldn't we take what wealth we have, whether it be wealth of personality, influence, physical strength, prayer power, property or whatever it is, and invest it in the cause of Christ?

How can we make eternal investments? The only way we can get our treasures to heaven is to invest it in the souls of men.

Adrian Rogers says, “What we invest for the Lord Jesus Christ is never lost. What man puts in the soil of service for Christ will bring forth the fruit of righteousness. It pays to serve Jesus. We need to learn how to live for eternity.”

Apply it to your life

What is it that you have that you're not investing for the Lord Jesus Christ? Get it out, use it.

An unused well becomes stagnant. A tool that is not used will rust. A sponge that is not used will harden. It pays to serve Jesus. May we learn to live for eternity.