How to Walk in the Spirit

Colossians 2:10

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Colossians 2:10

In Jesus Christ, we are complete; we don’t have to look for anything else. Colossians 2:3 reminds us that all our treasure is hidden in Him, waiting for us to discover and appropriate it.

We must learn how to walk in the Spirit.

God the Holy Spirit wants to inhabit our human spirit, to speak to our minds, emotions, and wills.

Colossians 2:6 says, “As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him…”

Notice how the Apostle Paul says to walk in the Spirit. We don’t just walk with the Spirit; the Holy Spirit must be the territory of our walk.

Adrian Rogers says, “The circumference of our walk is the sphere of the Spirit.”

We must make the decision to walk within the Spirit at all times.

He will supply all our needs according to the riches of His glory. The Christian walk begins when we take the first step, which is receiving Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. To live victoriously, we must walk in the Spirit one step at a time; once we begin, we never stop.

When we walk in the Lord, we’re under new management. Our very character changes; our lives begin to manifest the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He demands absolute control over our lives. To walk in the Spirit is to be like Jesus.

Finally, the Christian life is a continual walk.

Our “footsteps” are repentance and faith. These are not things we do once in order to get saved; we repent of our sins and put our faith in Jesus daily.

Adrian Rogers says, “Repentance is turning from self; faith is turning to Jesus. And the more you turn from yourself and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, the more real He will seem to you.”

And the longer we walk with Him, the more we will realize the Holy Spirit’s control over our lives. We will be cured of our self-consciousness, greed, and competition, for we are complete in Him.

Apply it to your life

Is the life of the Lord Jesus Christ manifested in you? Is He the Lord of your life, the circumference of your walk? Are you taking steps of repentance and faith, turning from yourself, and turning to Jesus, every single day?