How to Maintain the Life of Victory

Joshua 24:11-16

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Reference: Joshua 24:11-16

God’s plan for us is not just to have eternal life after death, but to have abundant life, here and now. He has given us daily victory; but it is our responsibility to walk in it.

Adrian Rogers says, “To lose your wealth is sad, to lose your health is worse, but to lose your walk with God after you’ve once known Him is pitifully tragic.”

Joshua 24:11-16 reveals to us how to maintain the life of victory.

If we want to maintain a life of victory, we must first practice careful reverence.

“Now therefore, fear the LORD, serve Him in sincerity and in truth, and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt. Serve the LORD!” (Joshua 24:14).

It is possible to get so casual and careless about our relationship with God that we dare lose respect and fear of Him. But it is crucial that we continue, not in a superstitious or slavish fear, but in a sanctified fear of Him.

Second, we must show courageous resolve, that no matter what others do, we will serve the Lord.

To serve God means to worship Him, first with sincerity, without blemish, as living sacrifices. (See Joshua 24:15.)

But our worship must also be scriptural; our sincerity should not contradict the truth of Scripture. And we must be steadfast in our worship, practicing daily dedication to Him—even when we stand alone.

Third, we must express continual repentance.

The gods and idols of old are constantly coming back with different names. The sins we’ve turned from will inevitably chase us down and demand our service once again. If we want to maintain our victory, we must continually repent of our sins, fully and forcefully. We can never make peace with any sin; instead, we deal with it with a holy ambition.

Finally, there must be complete reliance, inclining our hearts to God, who works in us and through us.

Rather than boasting in our flesh, we maintain our victory through total dependence on God.

Adrian Rogers says, “Victory is not your responsibility; it is your response to His ability.”

Apply it to your life

Are you maintaining your victory through reverence, resolve, repentance, and reliance on God? Walk on conquered ground—possess what is already in your possession.