How Not to Raise a Fool

Proverbs 1:22

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Proverbs 1:22

The simple man is comfortable in his own ignorance. He likes his lifestyle. He takes the easy way. No responsibilities. No problems. He has no real, serious thoughts.

But there is a fatal flaw in the plan (or lack thereof) of the simple man. The problem is not his intellect. The problem is his heart.

If he loves simplicity, he will lack understanding. And if you dare begin talking to him about God’s Word, he doesn’t pay attention. Therefore, he will not know the truths of God’s Word.

If he lacks understanding, he will be easily led. And if he is easily led, he will be liable for judgment—meaning he will be held accountable to what he becomes, even if he never intended to.

He becomes the scorner: the smart-aleck, the mocker, and eventually … the fool. Once he is a fool, he is the enemy of that which is good and godly. He rejects wisdom, ridicules righteous, rejoices in sin. Therefore, his moral sense has been polluted, and he no longer knows the difference between right and wrong.

So how do we keep from raising a fool? How do we ensure that our simpleminded, impressionable children are raised to know wisdom and to mature in understanding?

The Word of God. Particularly, the Book of Proverbs.

Pastor and teacher Adrian Rogers was a father himself. He said, “Every parent ought to master the book of Proverbs and be mastered by the book of Proverbs so he can learn how to teach it to his children. That’s why God gave us this book. This is God’s manual on child-rearing. This is God’s book to tell us how not to raise a fool, to give to that simple one understanding.”

We are also to remember that our children learn by example. We are to show them what it means to follow biblical instruction, so that they may know the weight of their decisions early on. God gave us our children. We are called to protect them from worldly influence and raise them to know God’s wisdom.

Apply it to your life

Whether you have children or not, follow the examples of Proverbs today. Begin making a habit of studying Scripture and applying biblical instruction to your own life. People are watching and learning from you by example. Glorify God with your influence.