His Unblemished Life

Luke 2:25-35

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Reference: Luke 2:25-35

Luke 2:25 tells the story of a man named Simeon, a just man, right with God. He was saved, surrendered, spiritual, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Through his faith, it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord's Christ. And ultimately, Simeon was greatly anticipating the coming of Jesus Christ into this world.

Old Simeon was waiting for the Messiah his whole life. And in Luke 2, Simeon is led by the Holy Spirit into the temple, where Mary and Joseph had come for certain purification rites as was their custom. They brought with them their son, Jesus.

Simeon finally laid eyes on the awaited Savior of the World. He took the baby Jesus in his arms, and finally, he was satisfied—for he held Immanuel, God with us, just as He was promised.

Who is this baby held in Simeon’s arms?

  • He is the One who brings deliverance.
  • He is the One who dispels darkness.
  • He is the One who determines destiny.
  • He is the One who provokes derision.
  • He is the One who causes division.
  • He is the One who reveals decisions.

As Adrian Rogers says, “What Jesus does with you depends upon what you will do with Him. You can accept Him or you can reject Him. You can crown Him or you can crucify Him. But you cannot ignore Him.”

There were many who missed the first coming of Jesus that first Christmas morning—because they either did not understand or they did not believe the biblical prophecies of His first coming into the world. Though it was clearly and plainly stated in Scripture, they missed it, either through ignorance or unbelief.

And the same Scriptures that clearly prophesied His First Coming have clearly prophesied His Second Coming. He will come again. We must be ready.

Apply it to your life

As we reflect on the story of the First Coming of Christ, ask yourself: Are you saved? Surrendered to God? Spiritual in your faith? Sensitive to the Holy Spirit? Only then can you be satisfied in Christ and ready for His Second Coming.