Do You Have a Grudge with God?

Matthew 11

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Matthew 11

It is very human to take up offense at little things, but it’s a dangerous thing to hold a grudge against the God of the Universe.

There are four common scenarios many of us face and may be tempted to begrudge God. Scripture reveals how to change our perspectives before we harbor a grudge in our hearts.

First, people get offended by God when they are persecuted for doing what’s right.

In Matthew 11, John the Baptist had been arrested and faced the possibility of death. In a human moment, John honestly questioned Jesus, and he sent his question straight to Him. In response, Jesus was gentle, revealing to us that honest questions will receive sincere answers.

God has not promised to keep us out of the dungeons, furnaces, or lions’ dens; if we end up in a valley, we must remember that God is God—He is on time and He is in control.

Adrian Rogers says, “Christianity is not the subtraction of problems from life; Christianity is the addition of power to meet those problems.”

Second, people may begrudge God when they are rebuked for doing wrong.

In Matthew 15, Jesus expresses harsh rebuke to the Pharisees because of their self-righteousness.

Our goodness is not enough to be saved; it is God who cleanses us from the inside.

Third, people get offended by God because their expectations are not met.

Becoming Christians does not deliver us from the unpleasantness of this world. In this life, we are sure to face disappointments, especially when we expect things that God has not promised. If we come to Jesus for some political, material motivation, we will be disappointed.

Finally, people get offended by God because they envy other people’s blessings.

They watch God bless other people, while they have not received the blessings they believe they’re due.

In our flesh, we often forget that others’ blessings are not our diminishment; we must remember that God is not fair—and praise Him for that! The only thing we deserve is judgment, and yet He extends us grace, and so much more. We should instead be grateful for the blessings we receive and celebrate what God pours out on others.

Apply it to your life

Is your heart pure and free of any grudges against God? Prayerfully and carefully work through your relationship with Him; bring your honest questions to God and don’t come with false expectations.