Can God Be Trusted in Your Troubles?

Job 13:15

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Job 13:15

We have all faced devastation at some point in our lives; it is in those difficult seasons we often ask ourselves if God is enough. Can God be trusted in our troubles?

This is what Job learned in his suffering. God allowed the devil to bring hardship on Job because the devil didn’t think Job could love God just for who He is.

Yet, in Job 13:15, Job says, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” The Book of Job shows us that God Himself is not only necessary, but He is enough.

First, we can trust God even when we’re submerged in suffering.

Job’s troubles began with the seemingly instant loss of his livestock—his financial security. While Job was still reeling over the news, a second messenger informed him that he’d lost his ten children. His body was infected with a horrible disease, and as a result, his reputation was tarnished. But in the midst of this overwhelming devastation, Job continued to praise God.

Adrian Rogers says, “You can have faith and calamity all at the same time. Faith is not receiving from God what we want; faith is accepting from God what He gives.”

We can also trust God when we are forsaken by our friends.

Job 19:14 says, “My relatives have failed, and my close friends have forgotten me.” Job’s friends were perplexed by his hardships; because they didn’t understand, they assumed he was at fault and left him. Being abandoned by friends is one of the deepest hurts we could face. God understands every part of us and promises He will not leave us.

Third, we can trust God when we are dismayed by darkness.

Job had no idea what was happening to him, or why. When we find ourselves in this kind of complete darkness, we should remember to lean upon God, the guiding light of our soul’s darkest hours.

As Job pleaded his case to God, God reminded him of His sovereignty, sufficiency, and sympathy. Job learned that in his suffering, abandonment, and dismay, God was nearest to Him. God was necessary to live through the trial; He was enough to get Him through it.

Apply it to your life

Are you experiencing suffering, abandonment, or dismay? Remember that God is with you. He is sovereign, sufficient, and sympathetic. Pray today that He would reveal His presence to you.