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The Final Judgement

June 12, 2015 Save Article


Revelation 20:11-15 (Program: 2213, Air dates: 06.14.2015 & 06.21.2015)

    1. There is coming a time when the Millennium we read about in the book of Revelation will come to an end; and time, as we have known it, will conclude.
    2. Each unsaved person has a date with Deity and will stand before Almighty God to be judged.
    3. Hebrews 9:27
  1. THE SETTING DESCRIBED (Revelation 20:11)
    1. The throne
      1. The throne is great, which speaks of its power.
      2. It is also white, which speaks of its purity.
      3. The word “throne” speaks of its purpose because there is a Sovereign judge sitting upon it.
      4. Those who stand before the great, white throne to be judged are those who are lost in their sins and eternally condemned.
    2. The judge is Jesus Christ.
      1. Jesus Christ is both Savior and Judge.
      2. John 5:22
      3. Revelation 1:13-16
        1. In this passage, Jesus is depicted as wearing the regal robes of a king and a judge.
        2. His hair, white as wool, speaks of His unsullied, absolute purity.
        3. His eyes, like a flame of fire, means that not only does He see you, but He also sees through you. He knows all about you.
        4. His feet are like fine brass. Brass, in the Bible, is a symbol of judgment.
      4. Hebrews 4:13
      5. In Revelation 20:11, it states that the Earth and the Heaven fled from His face, and there was no place for them. This means that everything stable is gone, and there will be no hiding from this Judge.
  1. THE SUMMONS DELIVERED (Revelation 20:12-13)
    1. Who will be called to the judgment?
      1. The out and out sinner those who hate God, Christ, the Bible and Christianity.
      2. The self-righteous those who think the gospel is only for the thief, the murderer, the drunkard. They think that because they are nice people and live good lives that they are Heaven-bound.
        1. Titus 3:5
        2. Isaiah 64:6
        3. The worst form of badness is human goodness when human goodness becomes a substitute for the new birth.
      3. The procrastinator these know that they need to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus, they know they need to be saved, and they intend to…one day.
        1. Proverbs 27:1
        2. Proverbs 29:1
        3. James 4:14
      4. Lost church members those who are religious, who are church members, who may have been baptized, but have never surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. They give lip service to it but have never been born again.
        1. Revelation 20:15
        2. The church only points the way to Heaven; it is not the way to Heaven.
      5. Those who have never heard the gospel these have never heard the saving message of Jesus Christ. And while they do not have enough light to save them, they do have enough sin to condemn them.
        1. Many ask, “Is God fair to let someone die and go to Hell who never heard the gospel?” But the bigger question is whether or not we are saved if we don’t want to tell them about Jesus.
        2. Luke 12:47-48
  1. THE SECRETS DISPLAYED (Revelation 20:12-13)
    1. Every secret thing word, thought and deed is recorded and will be judged.
    2. Ecclesiastes 12:14
    3. Romans 2:16
    4. Matthew 12:36
    5. Luke 12:2-3
  1. THE SENTENCE DETERMINED (Revelation 20:13-15)
    1. The sureness of it
      1. The judgment will occur and will be final.
      2. Romans 14:11-12
    2. The severity of it
      1. There will be no mercy in the judgment.
        1. Forgiveness and grace are freely offered to us in this life through the atoning work of Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. But if we reject the Lord Jesus in this life, we will receive no mercy in the judgment.
      2. Hebrews 9:27
      3. Hebrews 10:28-31
    3. Three parts to every trial
      1. The evidence is presented.
        1. The books will be opened; and every word, thought and action will be judged.
        2. One’s influence upon others will also be judged, as well as the failure to do those good and right things that we should have done.
          1. James 4:17
      2. You make your defense.
        1. What will your defense be as you stand before Jesus Christ?
        2. Excuses of not knowing which church to attend, hypocrites in the church, not having enough time, etc., will not satisfy.
          1. We’re told to believe in Jesus Christ, not in a particular church or hypocrite.
          2. You can be saved today, now.
            1. Acts 16:31
      3. The verdict is handed down.
        1. Matthew 10:33
        2. The ones who stand before the great, white throne of judgment will not find their names written in the Book of Life.
    1. You don’t have to stand before the great, white throne of judgment if you settle out of court by surrendering today to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
    2. Romans 8:1
    3. Call upon Jesus Christ today. Repent (turn) from your sins, and turn to Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and acknowledge Him as Lord of your life.
    4. Romans 10:9-10
    5. Romans 10:13


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