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He is Lord

Today we celebrate and join the angels, declaring what they sang on the night He was born: He is LORD. It's hard to think of a helpless baby as the Lord of all creation, who rules heaven and earth and wants to reign in our hearts. The name ...

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Mary's Little Lamb

He was a special Lamb, a slain Lamb, a saving Lamb. In this Christmas season, are you washing in the blood of the Lamb? You might expect to hear about lambs at Easter--but at CHRISTMAS? In reality, a Lamb is indeed the focal point of every ...

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Jesus, the Light of the World

Darkness has no power against light - in the earthly and the heavenly realm. Adrian Rogers explains how this can be plus five characteristics about Jesus' wonderful, glorious light....

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Christmas is Spelled L-O-V-E

Christmas has become a time of getting, but Dr. Rogers is going to give a little spelling lesson, and you'll learn that Christmas IS spelled "L-O-V-E. We're going to be reminded of what true love is as he helps us examine our hearts this ho...

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The Holy Highway

There are two roads to choose between, and every person living must make this choice. The road you choose will lead to the rest of your life and determine your final destination. Join Adrian Rogers today as he helps you get on the road that...

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The Incredible Power of Proper Priorities, Part 2

You could put the problem in most people's lives in one sentence: the failure to put first things first. When you put first things first, Jesus, you cannot fail. If you don't, you cannot succeed. God has given us a solemn promise in Matthew...

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Make Sure You Can Get the Real Thing

Scam artists and imposters. Identity theft and spam. These days, it's hard to spot the real from the phony. How can you know that you have REAL faith, real wisdom, and true success? Listen today as Adrian Rogers points you to the REAL thing...

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How to Stay Together When the World Comes Apart

The Second Coming of Christ will be like a thief in the night" unexpected and sudden. We're looking for a new heaven and a new earth a new birth for planet earth. Is this making a difference in how you live? Are you looking for His coming?...

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A New World Order

The third chapter of Second Peter is exciting. No matter how bad the situation get is today's world, we know how it's going to end with the Second Coming of Christ! He Who came first to die is coming again to rule and reign in power and gre...

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