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Millionaire Marriages

Marriage didn't evolve. It's not a social convenience. It's the fundamental plan of God. The first was performed by God, a marriage made in heaven, then marred by hell. Find out how YOU can have a marriage marked by hope, as you were design...

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Celebrate the Difference

God made us different that he might make us one. Who is better, the man or the woman? The answer to that question is yes! Join Adrian Rogers and learn what God's plan is for men and women....

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A Foundation for the Family

Are you following God's perfectly designed plan for marriage? Many try to build a home without even looking at the blueprints" of the Designer. God wants your home to be joyful built on the solid Rock of His Truth. Adrian Rogers will help y...

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The Problem of "Throw Away"Marriages

Heartache, difficulties, brokenness. Are you facing problems in your marriage too big to solve? NO problem is too big for God. God wants to walk you through and give you victory. Allow Him to do His work. Let the grace of God be applied to ...

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Word for Wives and Help for Husbands

With humor, practical wisdom and biblical truth, Adrian Rogers offers sage advice for both men and women in how to make a life together that not only honors God but produces love, joy and peace in your lives....

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The Ministry of Women

Adrian Rogers deals with one of the most mysterious, difficult to understand passages in the Word of God, but one crammed with blessing if we look at it carefully. It actually deals with spiritual authority—the secret, sequence, symbol, ser...

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A Magnificent Marriage

The best marriage advice comes from the best marriage manual, and its Author is the Architect of marriage Himself. Adrian Rogers shows both husbands and wives what it takes to move a marriage from mundane or mediocre to magnificent....

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The Magnificence of Motherhood

When does a 10-letter word become a four-letter word? When that word is submission." Adrian Rogers clears up the misunderstanding and shows how God has given women a glorious place. We are heirs together of the grace of life!...

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How to Prepare Kids for Marriage

Parents have a solemn responsibility to help their children prepare for marriage. Half of all marriages end in divorce, leaving wreckage in the lives of our children and grandchildren. In this vital message, Adrian Rogers shows how parents ...

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