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How To Have A Healthy Self-Image

Your self-image determines whether you're going to succeed or fail in your Christian life. Most people--saved or unsaved--have a poor self-image. Do you need some scriptural Windex for your spiritual mirror? Stifle stress before it stifles ...

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How To Rest While You Work

In this Labor Day message, Pastor Rogers shows you how to rest, not after you work, but while you work. It takes more than a tombstone to “rest in peace.” Learn how to find rest for your soul....

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His Name is Wonderful

Jesus did not begin in a manger He was manifest in a manger. Jesus Christ is fully God. Everything that God is, Jesus is. Everything God has, Jesus has. Everything God does, Jesus does. He wasn't just another child. He was supernatural, God...

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The Wisdom of Christmas

The wisest choice you could make now or ever is to follow the example of the Wise Men and worship the Lord Jesus Christ. Seek Him the way they sought Him. Bring to Him what they brought Him. Recognize who He is and say, "Lord, my wealth, my...

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Learning to Stand for Jesus

So many Christians are folding when they ought to be standing up. Will we face persecution? Many already are. We must be settled in the faith and teach our children so that we can stand on the solid Rock of the Lord Jesus Christ....

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How to Run Like a Champion

There's a race that is set before us to run. Jesus, the Author & Finisher is the one that fires the gun. He's the goal to which we run, and He is the coach who runs alongside us. It is Jesus all the way. Adrian Rogers will give you prac...

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Star Wars

Have you ever been up against hopeless odds? Or taken a step of faith when reason ruled against it? Find out how God's secret weapon" can be yours today and learn how to live victoriously by faith!...

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People God Uses

Would you like to live in victory? Listen as Adrian Rogers tells of Gideon, an ordinary man used mightily by God. God wants to use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things!...

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