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The Last Step on the Way Down

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: Romans 1:24 Scripture identifies marriage as the supreme commitment we make on this earth. Yet in a nation whose new virtue is called “tolerance”, our sense of moral responsibility has been lost. Sexual im...

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How to Cultivate a Marriage

Sermon Overview Scripture Passage: Ephesians 5:23-33 Adrian Rogers says, “We can never be over those things that God wants to be under us -- until we get under those things that God has put over us.” In order to learn how to cultivate a mar...

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Celebrate the Difference

God made us different that he might make us one. Who is better, the man or the woman? The answer to that question is yes! Join Adrian Rogers and learn what God's plan is for men and women....

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The Divine Design

What is God's design for the home? Abraham and Sarah sometimes had to learn the hard way. See what principles they learned and what principles we can learn from them that will give us a foundation for our home....

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