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Christian Citizenship

(Program 2080, Airing on 12.09.07 and 12.16.07) REASONS FOR HUMAN GOVERNMENT Restrain evil (Romans 13:3-4) Reward good (Romans 13:3) REQUIREMENTS FOR HUMAN GOVERNMENT (Romans 13:5-6) Pay for our government (Romans 13:6-7) Pray for our ...

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Leadership Crisis In America

" Proverbs 29:2 (Program 1939, Airing on 06.22.08 and 06.29.08) THE CHARACTER GOD REQUIRES IN LEADERSHIP Godliness Psalm 148:11-13 Romans 13:4 Proverbs 16:12 Wisdom Proverbs 8:12-16 2 Chronicles 1:7-11 Honesty Proverbs 17:7 Proverbs ...

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The America Of Tomorrow

" Psalm 85:1-6 (Program: 2416, Air date: 11.2.2014) INTRODUCTION America is a great nation because it was founded on the Christian faith and God’s Word. The founders believed in God as Creator. Psalm 14:1 Sadly, America’s heritage lies ...

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How To Pray For America

" Daniel 9:3-21 (Program 2482, Air date 07.01.2012) WE ARE TO PRAY WITH SERIOUS CONCENTRATION (Daniel 9:3) Prayer with fasting Matthew 6:5, 16 Do not fast for the wrong reasons. Self-centeredness Exhibitionism Legalism Fasting is to b...

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