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The Resurrection Body

One day our literal bodies are going to be raised from the dead and restored. Have you ever wondered how that could be possible? In this unforgettable message, Adrian Rogers gives you a glance into that incredible time!...

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How to Smile at Death

Death is an undeniable fact. Each day we live on the edge of eternity. In this comforting message, Dr. Rogers shows us how we can fear no evil for the One Who rose from the dead, our Shepherd, walks beside us....

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The Scarlet Thread Through the Bible

In this message, Dr. Rogers shows that all of the Bible is about Jesus Christ. Two threads run throughout the Bible: the scarlet thread of redemption and the golden thread of His Second Coming. This not a gory story but a GLORY story!...

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Triumph of the Lamb

Behold He cometh..." Does that stir apprehension or anticipation? Adrian Rogers explains what the book of Revelation says because Jesus Christ IS Coming!...

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The Unfinished Story of Christmas

The story doesn't end with His first coming. The most glorious fact of the past is that Jesus came the first time. The most glorious fact of the future is that this Jesus is coming again: secretly for His Bride, sweetly like a bridegroom, a...

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A Thief in the Night

We are living between two mountain peaks - the slopes of Mount Calvary and the sun-lit peaks of glory of Mount Zion ... living between the crucifixion and the coronation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Adrian Rogers looks at Scripture ...

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When Time Runs Out

It may be morning, noon, or midnight we don't know exactly WHEN He will return--but we do know Christ is coming again! This insightful study provides in-depth details of what the Bible reveals about the end times and the Second Coming of Ch...

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Living on the Edge of Eternity

Some people think there are certain prophecies which must be fulfilled before Jesus can come. That is not so - His coming is always imminent. Adrian Rogers looks at the message of Revelation and what God's word says about living on the edge...

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