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Seven Sacred Secrets

When you understand, you'll know what to expect. In the final message in this series, Dr. Rogers ties it all together, taking the 7 truths of these Matthew 13 parables and connecting the dots. Now you will know and not be surprised by what'...

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The Strange Mystery of the Precious Pearl

In this parable we learn the identity of the pearl of great price, a gem created by great effort over time. In this moving message, Adrian Rogers describes the fearful price the Lord Jesus Christ paid for this pearl and who the pearl is....

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The Strange Mystery of the Buried Treasure

No, the buried treasure is not the Gospel. So far, the first 4 parables have shared some discouraging truths. But this one turns a corner our Lord encourages us with the revelation of who this treasure represents in the last days. It's not ...

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The Strange Mystery of the Sneaky Housewife

Of the 7 parables in Matthew 13, this may be the most misunderstood and wrongly interpreted. Who is this housewife, sneaking leaven into 3 loaves of bread? Why would she do that? And who do the 3 loaves represent? The plot thickens in this ...

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The Strange Mystery of the Counterfeit Christian

When Jesus told a parable, it was to reveal truth to His true followers and conceal it from all others! In His story of the wheat and tares, He warns of the reality of counterfeit Christians. What should we do when we encounter false brethr...

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The Death of a Brilliant Fool

The Bible says he was a “prince among men,” a great man—a warrior—even a commander of other men. Yet he died so foolishly—and needlessly! Who was he? How was he deceived and who deceived him? His life serves as a solemn warning to all of us...

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