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Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven

There are mysteries in the Word of God you cannot “pry out.” They must be revealed to you. In 7 parables that span history from Our Lord’s earthly ministry until the final judgment, Jesus helps us understand what to expect so we’ll not be t...

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The Sin of Omission

Most people have an idea that if they DON’T do certain things, they're good Christians. In this eye-opening message, Adrian Rogers explains that some people who think they’re “doing quite well” will one day answer to God for those things th...

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A Place Called Heaven

Heaven is not a state of mind. It's a real place. The Bible gives us all we need to know about heaven. Join Adrian Rogers as he enlightens us on what God's word tells us about heaven. It's so much more than we can even imagine....

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A Guided Tour Through Heaven

If you've ever wondered what heaven will really be like, don't miss this message as Adrian Rogers take you on a tour as revealed in Revelation Chapter 21. Heaven is not a mist of smoke and mirrors, but a REAL place....

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