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Righteousness Exalts A Nation

Alexander Hamilton said, “People get the government they deserve.” If we want to know what’s wrong with our nation, we need to look in the mirror. Something has happened in America since 1776....

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Christian Citizenship

Abraham Lincoln said, “I believe it is the duty of all nations as well as men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God.” Our nation’s Declaration of Independence from Britain was also a declaration of dependence—upon Al...

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The Only Hope For America

America’s only hope is found in this verse. Our nation had a godly founding and a glorious past, but if the Lord tarries, what kind of nation will our children inherit? Evidently Americans believe the economy is the top issue. But I’d rathe...

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Bring Back the Glory

Apart from Israel, no other nation has had such a Christian beginning as America. Under the blessing of God, Israel began with a glorious heritage. Like Israel of old, God’s blessing rested upon early America. In the Mayflower Compact, our ...

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