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After signing up for an inbox challenge, a brief series of emails will be sent to you so that your faith can be strengthened and your heart encouraged. You can also opt to download each of these series as a complete PDF if you prefer. To select either option, click the button on each challenge. There are several options that address various topics of interest.

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Family & Parenting

11 Days of Blessing for the Next Generation

This email challenge will encourage you, over the course of 11 days, to speak words of blessing into the lives of those who will follow you. Use it as an encouragement to share both practical and spiritual wisdom with the children, teens, and young adults God has placed in your life—your grandchildren, other family members, or young people in your church or neighborhood.

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5 Champions of Praise

Consider the testimonies of five biblical characters and grow your faith as you learn how to praise God well regardless of your circumstances.

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Struggles & Suffering

What Not to Do in a Storm

We cannot prevent the storms that God appoints for us to experience, but we can choose to obey God and avoid the storms that are caused by our disobedience or ignorance. Over the next five days, we are going to look at five things that we should not do if we want to stay out of a storm.

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Studying the Names of God

Each and every one of God’s names shows us something about His character. Once we learn about the character of God, our hearts truly have a chance to respond in faith. Take this time to pray through these names and let them motivate you to learn about God’s character and put your faith in Him.

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Singing the Music of Marriage

Music is a mix of many things: sounds, notes, tempo, rhythm, melody, harmony, etc. God’s design for music is very similar to His grand design for marriage. A husband and wife must work together and play their parts to harmonize in marriage. In this challenge, we will learn about how spouses can sing the music of marriage together.

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40 Days of Prayer for America

We’ve put together a simple guide covering 40 days of prayer. It contains short devotionals, prayer points for each day, key Bible verses, and questions for reflection and journaling. Begin your prayer journey for America today.

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7 Truths for Daily Living

Tired of all the lies? Go to the source of Truth, the Word of God, as expressed in the Bible and in the Person of Jesus Christ. Find out what’s true about your personal identity. Over the next seven days, learn how to live out the truth in your daily life, your witness, your home, your worship, and your church life.

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Family & Parenting

5 C's for Faithful Moms

One of your greatest callings as a mother is to teach God's Word to your children. Join us as we look at five words, all starting with the letter “C,” that will help you teach your children the Word of God.

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8 Keys to God's Kingdom

What is a beatitude? It's the blessing of knowing that it is only God who has fulfilled your spiritual need. Learn how the beatitudes hold the keys to God's kingdom through this eight-day challenge.

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52 Promises to Discover This Year

The most important part of this challenge is Scripture memorization. For the next year, once a week, you will receive Scripture verses on a variety of topics. Our hope is that you will take this opportunity to meditate on what God’s Word says about each of these subjects.

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