Who is God? Does He really exist?

From the very first words of the Bible, it is clear that God exists. God is not argued, explained, or defended. He is simply presented. There is neither an explanation for the existence of God nor an attempt to prove His existence. The Bible is full and complete. It has all we need for faith. And ultimately God must be accepted by faith.

The fact that God created the world out of nothing demonstrates His incredible, sovereign power. Only God has originating creative power. God is the One who can make something out of nothing. Man cannot create anything or destroy anything—all we can do is change the form.

We have a solemn obligation to God because He created us, and the Bible says “Woe to him who strives with his Maker!” (Isaiah 45:9). We are His because of creation and because of redemption. He made us and He bought us, and we have an obligation to Him.

Not only do we have an obligation to God, but God has an obligation to us. He is a faithful Creator (I Peter 4:19). When God brought us into this universe, He did not make us to abandon us.

When you give your heart to God and trust Him as your Lord and Savior, you are fulfilling your obligation to Him. You’re saying, “You made me, You redeemed me, and I surrender to You.” When He lives within you, guarding, guiding, protecting, and taking care of you, He’s fulfilling His obligation to you. The God who created you did not create you to abandon you.