What resources are available to help people who make a decision to follow Jesus?

Once you decide to follow Jesus, you may be left wondering where to go from there. In the same way, when you watch a friend or family member come to know Christ, you might not be sure what to give them to help them in this new journey.

There are three things to focus on when moving deeper into a new relationship with Jesus: assurance of your salvation, a plan for reading the Bible, and trusted accountability. You can start simply by downloading this free e-booklet to help you have confidence in your decision to follow Jesus.

You can also find a friend or mentor who you trust to ask questions about your new faith in Christ. Find a reading plan and start studying the Bible. It doesn’t have to be intimidating. Start with a small section. In fact, we will send you a free copy of the Gospel of John, along with other hand-picked resources, to help you move deeper in your new relationship with Jesus. Click here to learn more about the resources available to you or someone you know who has made this new decision to follow Christ.