What miracles did Jesus perform? Why didn't He do them for everyone?

The four gospels go into great detail about the many miracles that Jesus performed. He healed those who had been sick for many years. He drove out demons. He gave sight to the blind and caused those who were paralyzed to walk again. He turned water into wine and walked on water. He even raised the dead. Turn to any page in Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, and you'll probably find Jesus performing a miracle.

There are several reasons Jesus didn't do miracles for everyone. First, though He was fully God, He was also fully human. He was limited by time, space, and energy. If Jesus did miracles for everyone who asked, He literally would have no time for anything else, including eating, sleeping, or teaching.

Second, and more importantly, the primary reason Jesus did miracles was to demonstrate that He truly was the Son of God. The miracles were intended to lead people to believe in Him and follow Him.

There were many times, however, when people weren't interested in following Jesus. They simply wanted Him to do a miracle for them to improve their lives. Or, they actively opposed Jesus and wouldn't believe in Him no matter how many miracles He did. In these instances, Jesus intentionally chose not to do miracles.