My Need For Jesus

Why was Jesus Crucified?

The question of why Jesus was crucified can be viewed from various angles: the cultural angle, the religious angle, the political angle, and the prophetic angle. Yet, in the end, it must be viewed from the ultimate angle, the sin angle. Let’s take a moment and look at each one.

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What about people who’ve never heard of Jesus?

The real question is not, “What will happen to the person who has never heard of Jesus?” The real question is, “What will happen to the person who does not want to know God?” And the answer is simple: God will not force Himself on that person because He has given every person free will.

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Since God is love, won’t He take all of us to Heaven?

It's true that God is love, but He is not only love. He is also holy, righteous, and just. He cannot allow sin into His presence and He must punish sin. Every person has sinned against God, and sin separates us from God. No one is good enough to work his way to Heaven.

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Will Jesus forgive me with all I've done?

Throughout history, many people have wondered whether God could forgive all their sins, even the really bad ones. If you find yourself in that place, there's good news. The Bible is full of examples of God forgiving all of someone's sins, even their worst ones.

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